Home Sale Update: Exterior Paint Prep Begins

Apr 10

Awe, guys – thank you for the sweet, supportive, hilarious comments and emails after yesterday’s post. So grateful for this community. Truly. Thank you!

Unfortunately, I can’t say today was much better so let’s just go ahead and forget about Wednesday and focus on Tuesday. On Monday, the flooring guys pulled away – on Tuesday my painter pulled in. *all the heart eyes* I can not wait to see / share this transformation.

He started by removing the random hanging items and nails from the exterior, then power washed the entire house. I have to admit, even though I wasn’t handling the power washer – it was therapeutic to watch.

Look at this after…

Why did I ever wait this long?

Wish I didn’t have work to handle on Tuesday or I’d have yanked the nozzle out of his hands to disappear / escape for a few hours.

He worked his way around the house hitting all the gutters, trim, windows and more…

He also removed the 2 lattice from the front…

Serious eye sores all these years. So great to have them outta here.

I can barely contain myself with the idea of seeing this house in a fresh coat of paint. It’s going to be incredible. And there will be tears.

Did I already say that? Pretty sure I did. Pretty sure I’ve turned into a cry baby…but can you blame me?

Anyway, huge impact and wow factor for sure…

You’re probably wondering which paint color I chose. After serious thought and research, I narrowed down the selections to…


( via )


This one is my go-to as seen in the laundry room I completed earlier this year. It’s one of my favorites!

( via )


( via )



( via )

Drum roll.





I settled on White Dove. Which by the way looks just as stunning inside…

( via )

Can. Not. Wait.

And the front door is going to be a stunner too! I’ll share that color with you soon….eeeek!


On a positive note, one of my dearest friends recently built the most unique, incredible home in the area. She moved this week and has new custom furniture arriving at the new place. She offered to send over some of her gently used furnishings for both staging and keeping. Today I received 2 couches for the living room, 2 bedside tables and a master bed that is gorgeous…seriously…I feel like a woman again.

Well, hopefully I’ll feel that way soon.

Remember when I said “if it’s not one thing, it’s something else”?. That theme continued today while assembling the bed and realized the haulers delivered the bed MINUS the hardware to assemble it. I’m currently sleeping on my mattress on the floor next to this beautiful upholstered bed.

What can I say? Close enough.


Anyway, it’s pretty and beautiful and will work well in our new home, I’m sure. Looks great here in this room and will show well when buyers walk through.

Out with the old energy…

Sneak peek of the new!…

Will look nice for staging when complete.

A few people asked about the bed this evening on IG. The bed is from Restoration Hardware. Looks similar to this one but I don’t have the exact match – been a few years since they carried it.

Look forward to sharing another painting update tomorrow! Hope you’ve been having a great week – getting closer to the weekend!



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  1. gee dodds says:

    Usually people do just ONE of the tasks you are completing – you are a human dynamo!!! ????????

  2. Of all the choices of paint colors you provided, I love the one you chose. Yes, I can see the differences.

    People ask what my favorite color is, then are surprised when I say white. Yes, I know, white is the absence of color, yada yada yada, but it’s a clean slate & ready for new beginnings. When I start a paper project, 99% of the time it’s with white.

    That headboard you received…now THAT is so nice! I have a love/hate relationship with mine. I love the look because it’s wood & iron combinedi hate it because it’s so uncomfortable leaning against it. We’ve had it for probably 8 years now. I’ve been searching for the perfect one but never considered an upholstered headboard.

    I enjoy your updates…in real time. I believe this is the first time I have read updated processes this way. Your style of writing is almost as if we met for coffee & chatting about it!

    • Samantha says:

      Awe – love your comment! Agree on all points regarding white paint. I can absolutely see the differences in the white. I’ve been paying close attention to the other homes in our area that are painted white now – with this whole farmhouse trend. Some have a yellow undertone, some grey. I can totally see the difference. I love this white because it’s not so super stark…but it’s definitely white. 🙂

      Thank you! My friend is so sweet to let me have it…it looks amazing in that room with the wall color too. Am looking forward to leaning against it while blogging or reading with my kids. The old headboard was not comfortable at all. Hoping to get the hardware today to finish setting it up!

      Love keeping you guys up to date in real time too…they are priming the house today! So excited to share that update later!!!


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