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Aug 2

We’re all feeling the effects of Covid-19 and especially now as the new school year approaches. The high school students in our life (we have 2 in this house – 1 an incoming senior) are having a really tough time. We’re doing all we can to make the most of their final days of summer and give them hope school will return when it’s safe.

I was so happy to lift the spirits of this very sweet incoming sophomore. She made leadership this year and will miss out on those first school year events that make leadership so fun. Her mom reached out for help with organizing her closet as a gift. I loved the idea and immediately envisioned the after.


You guys know I don’t typically share before shots, but thought this one image was appropriate because if you have a teenager you can relate. Teen closets are particularly fun to organize because these kids have great style. They are coming into their own so the contents are going to change – frequently. The key to getting them organized is having them help with decluttering. Teens are generally great with the idea of letting items go. If they don’t love it or can’t be seen in it, they will toss it to the donate pile. And they are excited about making room for something new.

Teens don’t need a complicated system. Where I saw this closet could benefit was the addition of drawers and some space planning.


How to organize a teen closet. Professional organizer, Samantha Pregenzer, added a drawer set and space planned this small walk-in closet for total efficiency!

Starting with the shelves on the right side, I utilized this space for her bulky hooded sweaters, t-shirts, shorts, skirts, a few tops and put her heels on the top shelf since these aren’t worn daily.

( white drawer system )

I re-purposed her previous small 3-drawer system by using it to contain hats, gloves and belts. Then I added a larger Elfa drawer system to the left side of the closet. This added a lot more space for items previously crammed onto shelves. This space worked well for the drawer system because she didn’t have enough long-hanging items to really use this space fully.

I labeled the drawers simply so she can find exactly what she wants, as well as putting away with ease…

( label maker | drawer dividers )

The elfa drawer system does have optional dividers which are really great for giving kids nice spacious drawers, but with some definition.

I love simple labeling of the shelf fronts…

It’s clean and crisp, and easy for a teen to keep up with. Trending with teens now are cropped tops – especially those found at Brandy Melville. She had quite a few – some with sleeves and some tanks. I re-purposed a few bins and folded those to sit neatly on the shelf.

Her pants and jeans were on a shelf, but to make more room we hung them…

( pant hangers )

Loved organizing this closet! She is in heaven with her new organized space…even if getting ready for school is going to look a lot different when school begins.

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How are your kids doing with the idea of remote learning? And what are you doing to get everything organized at home for school? Would love to know!

Hope you’re having a great weekend guys! Back soon!



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