Simply Done: Redesigned Elfa Closet

Aug 10

A few of my favorite things include designing and organizing spaces for the best families AND saving money in the process. The beauty of an Elfa system, especially when placed in a child’s closet, is its flexibility and adaptability over time. It will grow with your child or in any space it’s added. I’ve even removed Elfa systems from one space, reconfigured or cut it down…and placed it in a totally different space. Love its functionality!


This adorable incoming 6th grader was in need of an update to her existing Elfa closet…

One of the challenges you can see was her lack of shoe storage – what you can’t see hiding behind her robe is her collection of books. She prefers drawers over hanging, but the drawer set limited the available space for hoodies and soccer gear. You can see it all crammed in. And there was so much wide open space yet to be realized.

This was the perfect blank slate for an updated and redesigned Elfa closet!

Also important to note, Elfa is easy to install and update. In just a few hours I updated this space on my own.


As soon as I took in the “before”, this was exactly the “after” I envisioned…

I updated her closet and created more space than they thought possible by adding hanging shoe organizers, wall-mounted drawers, extra hanging space, more shelves and some solid shelves for books, decor and more. And I was able to reuse or cut down most of the ventilated shelves…

( solid shelves | white baskets )

Getting the drawers wall-mounted is always a better idea than a floor system. It will give your children additional floor space for shoes, boots or a laundry basket.

I keep labeling simple with these spaces – just a clear label added to the top of the drawer pull-out is all that’s required. Nothing fancy like a label placed on the front that tends to get jostled around…

( drawers | label maker )

I added a few black keepsake boxes from Ikea on the tip-top of the closet. And I repurposed her medium white bins on the shelves for extra hangers, clothing to grow into and a travel bin with her neck pillow, etc. The small bins fit perfectly in her small top drawer. These provided a spot for loose change and gift cards…

The addition of the shoe hangers on the door was helpful! She has several low-profile shoes or flip flops. These work well in these pockets. I also utilize the pockets for small items like belts. She has perfume or body spray bottles too and those always work well in the pockets!

( shoe pockets )

The solid shelves are great for books and decor. Previously she had been trying to set them on the ventilated shelving with a liner. But this is a tough system to maintain for kids. Adults even! The solid shelves work well and sorta of give you a more finished look.

She was excited to have her closet redesigned and organized before school starts this week. And I had a great time doing the project for her!

If you would like to design a similar closet system for your child, you can find some of the items linked throughout the post or you can shop them right here…

Back soon with more!



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