Video: The Best Closet System for Kids

Aug 12

Last week as I was organizing and updating an Elfa closet (the one I shared in this post), I thought it would be a good idea to take a deeper dive into why I believe the Elfa system is the best closet system for children. Throughout my years as a professional organizer, I’ve seen the best systems and those that lack functionality and adaptability. Have seen systems that are too costly or the type that is just plain difficult to install or edit over time. The Elfa system has been my go-to for several spaces around a home, but they work particularly well in a child’s closet.

I didn’t want to only type / talk about this in a blog post – so I created a video to share with you! Seen near the bottom of this post.

This is not sponsored and I don’t work for The Container Store. I’m a home organizing expert offering sound advice from the hundreds of spaces I’ve worked in. That’s all! 🙂

The system works. Period.

On the point of transformation, I wanted to share one of those types of updates with you. This is truly what’s possible with Elfa and you can see the full blog post here

In this shared girls closet, they had a basic contractor-grade type set up…

With Elfa, I transformed the closet creating loads of space, order and beauty…

BUT one of the key benefits to an Elfa system is that it grows with children over time. The system is easy to update and manipulate. And over the years TCS has added cool new features, like wood drawer fronts, to keep it interesting.

There are 2 children’s closets I edited / updated this year and thought this was the perfect time to talk about why I think Elfa is the system you need for your kids. Here’s a couple examples.

This Elfa system was added when she was in 5th or 6th grade…

But now as a high school senior, she needed the system updated. Here’s the same closet after a few simple edits…

This closet belongs to an incoming 6th grader. The system was added to this closet before they moved into this house a few years ago. They made it work through elementary school…

But it needed an update and there were several missed opportunities – look at all that wide open space. Again, a few simple edits and here’s the new version of the same space…

This system truly is worth the investment because its ease of function is something you will love and appreciate.

I wanted to share all of the above and more on this topic with you guys via a video so I threw together this simple video I hope you’ll enjoy!…

I meant what I said in the video – am doing my best to get over the fact these videos don’t need to be perfect. I am totally capable of making / editing videos, but time isn’t something I have in abundance in order to do that. My mission is just to get the good, solid, expert advice out to you guys…and let it roll from there. So I do hope you enjoy it and please let me know if you want to see more of these types of videos. It took me about 2-3 hours to complete and can try to add a few to the content calendar every month.

On another video note, I’m a few steps closer to having a videographer on board. My buddy Casey, who helped me create this video for Ace Hardware, started his own production company and we’re working through details right now for a branded video, client process videos, and more. I’m SO freaking excited about it! Check out his website…he and his team are incredible!

Back soon with more!



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