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Nov 23

Surfacing from the trenches to wish you a happy Thanksgiving week! I know this holiday season is going to look different, but I sincerely hope we can find all the ways and reasons to make it special. Though it all – everything we’ve experienced in 2020 – we can definitely find something or someone to appreciate and show gratitude for. In the big and simple things. In the challenges. In the changes. I am thankful for much this year, including YOU, this blog and a continually growing, evolving, developing small business.

Thankful for the silver linings of more time with the kids, a couple months of SIP to work on the business, finally setting aside time to locate / hire an assistant, revamping the website, finishing my book, wrapping up a successful 2-month partnership with TikTok (more on this below), and much more. And that brings me to why I’ve been gone from the blog for a while – I am fully booked with projects AND the kids are still remote learning here in CA. Something I am thankful and grateful for = the constant stream of work. This definitely doesn’t come without the challenges (again, what do I do when the kids are home?), but I’ll gladly take it and roll with the punches.

On that note, I’m beyond thankful for patient clients who understand remote learning and the challenges / limitations in scheduling due to it.

Since school’s out this week, I’m working from home and that means I had to get in here to write. We are booked through most of December and into January, but things usually tend to slow down around the holidays so I’m hopeful to be here a little more. I say this every time but only because it’s true…this blog is the heart of this business and I can’t wait until the business has more employees so I can spend time writing here weekly / regularly. Miss you guys!

Here’s a major download as to what’s been happening…

Client Projects

Like I said – we’re booked and I love it! My body hurts, but don’t mind one bit! I’ve been dying to share some of the projects and will take a deep dive into all of them as soon as I’m able, but here’s a sneak peek of what I’ve been up to. Just some of it.

Thankfully the summer heat is behind us because…GARAGES! And a lot of them…

( utility track | track accessories )

( similar shelving | bins )

This was post-unpacking the home and before we came in for phase 2…

This was after the declutter…and we now head into phase 3; designing a wall system for them to get even more items off the floor…

I’ve installed no less than 10 elfa closets – don’t forget the sale hits around Christmas!…

That closet was a challenge, which I loved – a lot to work around but proved just how versatile Elfa can be in a kids space.

I unpacked kitchens…

( knife organizer )

Organized pantries…

Space-planned walk-in closets…

( hangers | clear bins | white bins )

We’ve packed homes, consulted in homes that need help with unpacking (so many beauties are on the books – just wait!), edited closets by way of adding shelves, and more. One of my very favorite projects, however, was helping my sweet SWEET friend Nicole of Eye For Pretty. She took the leap and has her own studio in our adorable downtown area. It was incredibly special for her to ask me to help organize the storage space in the back of the studio…

I obsessed over every last detail for her…

This is her dream come true and am so proud of her diving in / taking the risk. She’ll crush it!…

TikTok Partnership

It’s a good thing I have 10+ years of blog content to pull from and a booked schedule because a few months ago TikTok came knocking. I swear, I am the last person you would’ve caught on the platform. My kids love it – I love watching them laugh and witnessing their joy from creating videos and watching the content. But last thing I needed was a commitment to learn a new platform AND create 40 videos in 2 months time.

But I did it…and so glad I did!

It’s a whole new community of friends to connect with over organizing and the videos weren’t terribly painful to create once I go into the groove. You can see them all on TikTok and I’ll continue adding as I have the time. I loved it but it is great to no longer have the 5 video per week deadline looming over me. Here’s a few…for some reason this one has over 5 million views. Not at all what I was expecting would take off…the kids were freaking out watching the account go from a couple hundred to over 100k followers in less than 48 hours….


How To Create a Closet When You Don’t Have One! || #organizinghacks #closetorganization #professionalorganizer #learnontiktok #tiktokpartner

♬ Central Park (Instrumental) – Matt Beilis

This is a project I thought would perform well, and it did…


How To Work Around Sliding Closet Doors & Obstructions || #declutter #diy #closetorganization #tiktokpartner #learnontiktok

♬ Pieces (Solo Piano Version) – Danilo Stankovic

And because garages are my heartbeat / passion, this is my personal favorite from the 40 I created…


How To Organize a Garage Wall || #organizinghacks #learnontiktok #tiktokpartner #organizing #garageorganization


We were limited as to the music and there were definite, clear rules on the types of content / how it was shared. It’s great to have those contract requirements off the table so I can be more “me” over there. More of the music I like and more casual content. 🙂 Bottom line, it was fun and I’d love to have you join me over there!

Business Stuff

Still digging into the business side of the business. And making great strides. We have a new client management software, I have a work flow, we have a project management tool, documents have been created AND are being sent (contracts, how we work documents, etc) and more. There’s always something to update or fix or add, but each day is a new opportunity to help the business run smoother.

What I did know and came to terms with when I finally burned out – I needed support and an assistant. And I need to hire more organizers.

So I dug in, found a great assistant – Tara! – and the organizer job desc is on the new careers page – right here! The job applicants have been coming in slowly, but there’s some good ones. Looking forward to growing the team – not looking forward to being a real boss. Totally not my character but something I am willing to learn and work on. Every time the scary thoughts creep in, I remind myself of the awesome families who hire me and how much more I can do with more members on the team. That’s what motivates me.

Personal Stuff

I’m also trying to find the time between it all to live life – as much as we can with rapidly increasing Covid case numbers. Trying to find time to workout – my gym opened and then promptly closed. Trying to find time to shop for myself, update my sad wardrobe and shoe collection, spend time with the kids who seem to grow even quicker each week. Get started with holiday shopping….and maybe get away (safely) between it all.

When able we’ve traveled while they are remote learning. A few months ago I surprised them with a trip to Newport Beach. Found an incredible deal on an awesome beach house and the weather couldn’t have been more amazing!…

During the trip we relaxed on the beach after school and managed to see my middle niece / reconnect with a few of our best friends from our time living in OC. These kids – grow too fast!…

Then last week I really surprised the kids and took them to Little Rock. For those who have been reading for a while, you know that town stole my heart and is seriously a second home. It was an incredible trip and you won’t believe this. Do any of you remember this shot of the kids on a backroad near the old house?…

I would take them every year when the leaves were changing. Well, we drove back up that street and check this out…

I’m dead!

Hold on tight, the years fly you guys!

Although just a 4 day trip, not counting travel for 2 days, it was just what we needed. I took them to a few old spots and even had a chance to see the old house! Remember this playroom?

It was so funny to hear the kids reactions – especially the boys. They felt like the house was so small…but when they were little it seemed so big. I’ve kept in touch with the owners and she invited us over – so sweet of her! Loved being there. SOOO many memories…and the house where this blog began!

One of my best friends is the governor’s daughter…the year we moved was the year he was elected into office. Not sure if you remember us going back for the inauguration – so special! Asa invited the boys to his office one day and it was one of many highlights of the trip. Especially for my middle son, Graham. He followed the election closely this year and asked great questions. Such a special memory together…

No matter where you land in politics, this was special. So grateful to him for inviting us…

I have more to share but suddenly it’s time to start making dinner! Back tomorrow guys! Miss you!!!



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