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Jul 5

An official happy summer to you – and a very happy 4th of July! Wasn’t it amazing to celebrate this year?? Without distance or masks?? Loved seeing celebrations across the country. My 4th was low key. The boys had their wisdom teeth removed on Thursday morning so I didn’t make plans being unsure of how they may feel. They are doing great – really happy about it! And it ended up working out well that we did stick around because my trainer got married on Saturday the 3rd…which meant I was in town to attend and celebrate. Such an incredible night!


They got married unannounced at the top of Coit Tower…

SO sweet! Truly happy for them! And then we walked down the hill to their reception…

The attire for the wedding was festive and sparkly…which meant I had to grab something. Because, no, black and white workout gear won’t cut it. Darn!

Here we go again…and at the last minute…

Thankfully, I scored this beautiful sleeveless jumpsuit…

( similar jumpsuit )

This was me the night BEFORE the wedding. No kidding – at 8pm! Ha!

All turned out well and it was comfortable and fun to wear…

Unfortunately, I can’t find a link to the exact jumpsuit. Nordstrom doesn’t have it on their site. It’s Eliza J – here’s something similar.


On the note of shopping, I’ve been doing a bit myself. Not in typical Sam style, but have been feeling the urge to update the wardrobe. I did a fair amount of closet purging last week – felt great! This dress has become a new favorite!…

( dress )

It’s comfortable, flattering, great for summer and love the pockets.

Also found this cute off the shoulder top – I am a sucker for these!…

( top )

And I decluttered a few spaces around the house too. The laundry room, office, one of my bathroom drawers…check this before and after! lol!…

( acrylic drawer organizers | bobby pin holder )

Also this one drawer in the butler’s pantry. Seems to be a theme around here…most spaces are organized EXCEPT one drawer. So funny!…

( bamboo drawer organizers )

The kids head back to school so soon this year – August 10th! Feeling more and more that time is fleeting. Would love to do something with them this summer but sports took over…a welcome surprise, to be honest. Aiden is playing summer basketball AND has summer school (ugh!), Graham is playing freshman football and Natalie joined the swim team this year. They are all doing exceptionally well in their sports. We’ve been busy, but it’s been SO fun to see them active and social again.

In the meantime, hoping to find time to get away with them and make the most of the small amount of remaining summer. I did jet away for a few days to climb half dome in Yosemite. Me + 5 of my favorite people headed there mid-June. I was the only one of six to stop at the sub-dome…BUT all good! I made it as far as this heights-fearing gal could go. Was proud of myself for making it as far as I did. Not only that but the challenge of such an intense hike. A total of 18 miles over a 12 hour time span!!!

This was the last reading on my watch before it died….

Absolutely spectacular hike and beautiful! The way up was much easier than the way down. The descent was long and exhausting. A lot of downhill pounding on the legs and toes. My nail beds were bruised, black and blue…still are now. I immediately got a pedicure just to have my nails painted so I didn’t see the beds. lol!!

If you have the opportunity, it’s worth it!

Otherwise, I’ve been working out A LOT and trying to see friends as often as possible…so great to be FULLY vaccinated and able to eat indoors / outdoors with friends and family…love my friend, Lynn! She’s a special one…


And of course, still working on lots of organizing projects. Summer doesn’t slow us down! We’ve had great projects…and even more in the pipeline. Still pinch myself weekly for this small business. Brings me SO MUCH JOY! Here’s a few recent projects…unpacking and styling this home office…

Organizing this garage and installing a small Omniwall system…

Organizing this newly installed custom master closet…

Unpacking and organizing this beautiful kitchen…

I designed, installed and organized this pantry … a big time highlight project. Love this one!…

( elfa system )

These acrylic spice racks – everything!…

( acrylic spice racks )

And give me all the drawers! One of my favorite challenges to solve…

( lid organizer )

( bins )

I’ve also accepted the challenge of transforming this empty bedroom into a master closet…with an IKEA Pax closet system! There’s still many manufacturing / product delays so it’s moving slower than I’d hope. But….like everything – a process….

Really can’t wait for this after! Going to be incredible and beautiful! AND on a serious budget.

Whenever possible, I’m over-ordering product so we are prepared for families who contact us. Having the 3rd garage stall to stockpile organizing supplies is a blessing.


The Nordstrom Anniversary sale preview begins tomorrow! How can it already be that time of year??? Last year I shared some of my favorite non-clutter items as well as some clothing. I plan on doing the same again this year. It really is a great sale with opportunities to save lots of money. Great gift ideas and more!

Hope you’re all doing well this summer!

Back soon with more!



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