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Feb 1

Hello and happy February! Yes, a new month already. January wizzed right by….what the heck?? We’ve been busy on projects and the personal life has been full of great things as well, so I’ve been a little quieter than I’d like around the blog this month.

Stopping by today with a few updates in the dining room / team workspace. Really happy with the progress and we’re onto the next phase. But check this out…here is where we started…

That is the view from my office – sorry it’s a little blurry. Had to snag that shot from a video. And here’s where we are now…

I’ll get better pictures when I share the next update.

I moved the table previously in the kitchen to this space and purchased a round one to replace that set-up. Mentioned that in my previous post about home updates. Still deliberating over chairs for the kitchen table BUT love the shape of the rectangle table in the dining room. Here’s the new kitchen table in case you missed it…

The new sideboard arrived and I assembled it one night after work…with my DIY apprentice side-kick, Nova, of course…

I absolutely LOVE this sideboard but felt the space needed one more section to make it slightly longer. Hard to tell but it’s sort of dwarfed on that back wall…

I wanted something black but loved the glass panes that keep this bright and airy. I did so much research on this piece. If you’re interested, I can share a round-up post with the other options I was considering. All great … just not right for this space or what I needed.

The sideboard I purchased is from Amazon and it’s the 4-door option. They also have a 3-door, a 2-door and even some versions that are slightly taller. Really love this piece and can’t wait to organize the inside…

( sideboard )

I purchased the 2-door sideboard to add on, which will round us out to a great amount of storage…

( sideboard )

The room is somewhat enclosed so I hesitated purchasing taller pieces for storage in here, even though there’s plenty of height / wall space. I’d like to keep the wall open for a potential large piece of art or something cool and different. And I want to bring in a tree close to the window maybe? I’m not sure, still working on that. The most important aspect was storage.

I may have already mentioned this but in addition to functioning as a dining room, I’d like this to also function as a workspace for our team members and a spot for the kids to spread out homework. So this sideboard piece will be great for storing overflow supplies in order to keep my office minimal.

Also, maybe already mentioned…this is not our home. This is a temporary home for us. Investing in something over the top expensive or very specific to this space wouldn’t be a wise investment. Later when we move, I can break the piece up into two spaces…or just sell it because they aren’t too much $$$. You know?


I am in LOVEEEE with this area rug, also from Amazon…

Like seriously in love. For an 8×10, which is what I have here, it’s less than $200 and the quality is exceptional!

( area rug )

Not that we’d need to worry about this with the table sitting on top of it, but it has a non-slip backing incorporated. It’s thin but the perfect amount of thin underfoot. Nothing worse than trying to back your chair away from the table to only have it catch on something. Or not pull away. This is nice and flat but still has texture, warmth and it’s SO pretty in person!

My goal was having the table moved, area rug set and sideboard assembled before last weekend because we celebrated someone’s 13th birthday!…

Having this room set up gave us space for her gifts to sit and food to be set out…kept the kitchen a bit more open and counters free’d up in there. She had a slumber party and this table went from dinner foods to overnight movie watching snacks. It was awesome!

She is super into skin care and make-up and anything self-care so I found this cart at Home Goods and wrapped lots of fun girly things for her. She loves this cart! I’ll share a close up of it soon.

Notice that extra piece of my old office desk in the background here?…

It’s the white 3-drawer piece. I moved it into my office for the time-being but it’s definitely feeling more cramped in here because of it. I’ll share pictures soon. I’m enjoying the extra three drawers for storage, but it’s feeling heavy in this room now. Maybe it will grow on me, who knows.

Next on the list in here is organizing the sideboard cabinets – this will be fun and easy. I’d like a mix of concealed storage pieces for supplies and some minimal decor inside as well. I need something for the top of the sideboard, something on the wall (I’m actually considering wallpaper), a tree and an updated light. Then the only thing we need is people in here working away! I can’t wait to have people here working so when I look over to this space there’s cute smiling happy faces. LOVE this team! And I will equally love seeing the kids sit in here as well while doing homework.

Hope you guys had a great January! February, here we come!

Back soon guys!



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