Storage Wins: Acrylic Floating Shelves

Mar 10

I considered “Storage Wars” as part of this blog title, but I’m definitely counting this one in the Storage Wins column. If you have a pocket door behind a wall, you can still hang anything…including these beautiful acrylic floating shelves!


The sweet girl who uses this bathroom is a highly-decorated competitive cheerleader with lots of products. And a lot of variety too.

This bathroom has no storage space whatsoever. There’s a small pedestal sink with one shelf on the bottom. Not only does the bathroom have next to no storage, the floor space is incredibly minimal AND her room has awkward angles dwarfing most of the walls…or making them difficult to utilize. Making the most of one main wall was critical to adding space…but…(yes, ANOTHER BUT)…there’s a pocket door behind this wall.

Don’t let a pocket door stop you from installing nearly anything into a wall like this. There’s anchors on the market to help you achieve your goal!

I’d love to share a tutorial one day, but if you’re thinking of doing this in your home one of my biggest tips would be making sure you close the door completely so that you don’t run the risk of drilling into it and swing by your local hardware store to ask which anchors are best for what you are hanging. Like I said, I will have a video tutorial for you one day!

After I installed the first shelf, I opened the door so you could see this is possible…

I started by adding three shelves…

But mom and I decided a fourth would be a good idea…with possibly more to come in the future…


Once the shelves were completed, I organized everything beautifully for her. Check this out!…


These are my favorite acrylic floating shelves. You’ve seen me install these in a pantry and other spaces, but this could be one of my favorites to date! These shelves come in a variety of depths and widths. In her space, I chose the 36″ wide x 3.5″ deep to accommodate these types of categories.

Another reason I love these shelves is their lifespan. The acrylic blends into any aesthetic – it’s classic, therefore will be long-lasting. These are also easy to clean and can be organized beautifully in how you display your items. They come at a great price point too!

Here’s a video sharing my installation process…

I’m adding our organization reels to YouTube Shorts so that I can share these videos on the blog. Am hoping to spend more time on YouTube adding video content so that we can build another positive organization-obsessed community! Be sure to join me there if you can!

She was so happy with the result…and mom is excited to add more of these on a few additional bathroom / bedroom walls.

This is a very easy, impactful project. The only tools you need are a driver for pilot holes, anchors and screws, a screwdriver and level, a measuring tape and of course the shelves. You can find everything linked on my Amazon Storefront.

Hope you had an amazing week, guys!



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