Simply Done: A Happy Little Playroom

Mar 9

If you’re blessed to have children, chances are high you’re also blessed with an abundance of toys. And you’re really blessed if you have a playroom where these toys can live. But like any other area of your home, a playroom can easily get out of control when you don’t have systems in place or spend time every now and again purging. Actually, scratch that – playroom’s are unlike any other area in your home…they’re in a category all their own! Let’s remember the population living in / using this room. Ha!

Kids frequently go through toy / hobby phases depending on age and stage, so purging a playroom is a necessary task, but simple…in my experience, it’s usually a matter of mom / dad having an emotional connection, which makes it hard to let go. Remember when I talked about sentimental clutter right here? 😉

Recently I was working with one of my favorite clients in her hot spot of a playroom. It’s located off the kitchen, where she can watch the kids while cooking or doing chores….ahem or drinking wine. The playroom needed a little help…

3 kiddos ranging in ages 1 to 5 thoroughly enjoy this little space…

She has good existing systems in place, but clutter was breeding on countertops…

As well as the floor…

And the play table surface, which I think all parents can relate to…

Following my simple process, she and I worked together to sort through each and every toy. So proud of how hard she worked and how willing she was to let go of toys no longer played with…without shedding a single tear. Again, we touched every single toy. What wasn’t played with was donated. What didn’t belong in the playroom was returned to its proper location. Trash and recycling went out. Heck, we even found room for a new piece that was previously living in the garage waiting for a new home inside.

Did I mention this all happened in 2.5 hours?! Doesn’t take long to get organized, party people!

Here’s your happy ever after’s…

We’ve decided to buy an additional black tower from ikea for the left side of this unit…which will allow those 4 black bins (sitting on the unit top) to be stowed away revealing a clean surface and a full mirror reflection…

Remember that corner full of cardboard blocks? This little gem of a stool, that was hiding in the garage, is hidden storage. The blocks are so happy inside…


Oh, hello clean play surface…

And we finished it off by removing the masking tape labels and replacing them with these precious Avery chalkboard labels…


One happy little playroom – check!

If you’re blessed to have a playroom, remember to keep it simply organized and not too overwhelming for the kids. Kids not only need toys, they need open spaces to play, create and be inspired.

Have a good day everyone!

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  1. Flossie says:

    I love that little hat/purse rack! Do you know where it's from?

  2. JR Walker says:

    How can I hire you or find someone like you in Houston? Xo

    • Hi!

      I'm available for hire (would include travel fees – but I love to travel and work!). Or you can go to the NAPO page and search for a pro in your area!

      Sam 🙂

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