Galentine’s Day Love for My Planner Friends

Jan 31

Remember that time I expressed my hesitation about switching to a smaller planner? A planner I had not DIY’d myself? Long gone are those days of worry. I am a convert. Hello, my name is Sam and I’m addicted to planners. Specifically, Erin Condren planners and accessories and I want to show some Galentine’s Day Love for My Planner Friends!

Nope, not getting paid for this post – just saying.

7 months in and I’m head over heels in love with this planner. I go nowhere without it. It’s my Valentine, if you will! Everything on my schedule lives in this planner. And if it’s not written in here, chances are it won’t happen. All the details from client appointments to kid stuff to my weekly to-do bullet points, all here…

Why Trust Me?

If you’re looking for someone to share the full, honest truth about a product, I’m your girl. I will admit the smaller size was a hurdle for me to jump. But several months in I can also admit the confined size has helped me shift the way I write appointments. Not everything needed as much detail as I had been previously writing. That’s not to say this planner doesn’t have ample room on the pages, because it has plenty of space. It was my habits I was battling against.

I personally haven’t noticed this, but one of my mom clients mentioned hers is too heavy. She was considering removing some of the pages, possibly months that had already passed. I know, my planner friends are likely holding their heads in horror as I typed that! But if removing pages will work for her shoulder pain, go for it! Again, I haven’t noticed the weight being a factor for me, but I hear what she’s saying.

What I love about the planner is the mix of hourly and weekly spreads, along with note pages. And if I need to add something, it’s as simple as purchasing an accessory to pop into the book.

Late last year I invested in an EC full-size planner for my business. This oversized planner is where all the details behind my business live. And where I’m writing down and tracking goals. I love this planner because it has regular-sized pages and loads upon loads of note pages!

Goal Planner & Tracker from Erin Condren

The Erin Condren company has been very kind and generous to send product my way from time to time – just as a thank you for sharing my love of the planner with you. Nothing more than a thank you – not sponsored posts. Most of the time I am purchasing myself. I was surprised and touched when last week a beautiful box arrived on my porch from my favorite EC employee, Samantha…

Erin Condren Valentine's Planner Accessories

Erin Condren Valentine's Planner Accessories

Happy Galentine’s Day to you, Samantha….and to all of my girls reading along!

It was kind of her to send me this package and, as you can imagine, I couldn’t wait to tear into it. Ahhhhh, just love love love all of the EC accessories and products. I’m sharing this post in case you are looking for a new planner, have a planner already but curious about new accessories or if you have a planner-lover in your life that you’d like to buy for this Valentine’s Day.

These sticky notes snap into your planner for on-the-spot note taking. I occasionally leave little notes behind when I’m done working in a space, and these are a pretty option. Plus, as I mentioned, my planner is always with me so I always have a means for leaving behind encouraging notes…

Erin Condren Valentine's Planner Accessories

I ordered a set last year when purchasing my new planner, but it’s fun to change them up…

Erin Condren Sticky Notes

These also double as a divider…

Erin Condren Valentine's Day Planner Accessories

One of my soon-to-be new favorites is this weekly schedule pad. This screams meal-planning to me…

Erin Condren Valentine's Day Planner Accessories

The perforated edges work well for separating your grocery list from your weekly menus. Could work nicely for a weekly workout program too…

Erin Condren Valentine's Day Planner Accessories

It would be hard to catch me sitting still for any amount of time – especially for coloring. But I could be tempted with this book…

Erin Condren Valentine's Day Planner Accessories

Erin Condren Valentine's Day Planner Accessories

Second most important item for planner peeps is their pens. Good Lord, don’t touch their pens, by the way. 🙂 Erin Condren’s pens are wonderful and her dual-tip markers are twice as nice…

Erin Condren Valentine's Day Planner Accessories

If you are looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for a friend, look no further…

Erin Condren Valentine's Day Planner Accessories

This little Galentine’s Bundle is so adorable! And only $15!

Erin Condren Galentine's Bundle

It includes a magnetic page marker…

Erin Condren Valentine's Day Planner Accessories

Scalloped gift labels (I love these and they came in SO handy during Christmas gift giving season)…

Erin Condren Valentine's Day Planner Accessories

Sticky notes…

Erin Condren Valentine's Planner Accessories

Compliment cards and a folded note are also included inside a mesh lilac bag…

Erin Condren Valentine's Day Planner Accessories

It’s a useful and sweet Valentine’s gift – even for tween girls.

Totally admit to my addiction. My next item on the agenda, however, is figuring out how to organize all of my EC supplies. They are starting to take over my desk. Ha!

Don’t forget that you can always find a special $10 Erin Condren coupon on the blog sidebar. Just sign up for an account (no need to purchase anything to have an account) and you’ll receive $10 off your order. Easy!

Do you have an Erin Condren planner? Please share your tips for organizing her fun accessories and products!

Happy planning and Happy Galentine’s Day!

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