Simply Done: The Most Beautiful Office Closet

Apr 26

Last week when I shared this beautiful master closet project

I couldn’t believe I had yet to share her organized office / craft closet. In the beginning of the closet post I recapped a few other spaces I organized in her home. As I was digging through the online portfolio to link / find images to the office closet – it didn’t exist!

How could I not have shared this one yet?…

Well, we all know why…Sam is crawling her way out of projects that haven’t hit the blog since Fall 2017. And this was such a fun project – in a beautiful home with an even sweeter mom!


After their move, the office items ended up here in this spacious closet – just needed a little help with organizing. I mentioned she recently started a flower business but she has always been one of those friends who goes above and beyond. Always has a card or a gift or something thoughtful to leave on your porch when you’re having a bad day. She has a gift closet to tap into for the perfect spur of the moment “cheer you up” or “congrats” gift. She’s such a sweetheart – truly!

So this closet was full of ribbons, cards, cutting tools, wrapping supplies and flower making items. There was also some office supplies here as well.


One of my favorite go-to organizing products for small items are stacking acrylic drawers. You’ve seen these a lot around here and it’s because they are just that awesome.

I spent quite a few hours in this position…pins and needles, but so worth it…

In my happy place here – do not mind my legs falling asleep.

I spent a few hours sorting, configuring and making the closet perfect for her. The most important factors in this space – and any space, to be honest, is that it’s easy to find everything AND even easier to put away.


The drawers pull all the way out so she can find just the ribbon she was searching for and the open-topped baskets make it a snap to grab what you need by just eyeballing what you have.

Was so excited with the end result!…

( baskets | shoe drawers )

Absolutely beautiful and the drawers / baskets fit so well on the shelves…

( sweater drawers | shirt drawers )

I love all of her note cards and ribbons. She has the most incredible eye…

And when the closet looks this pretty, why close the doors?…


If you spotted anything you’d love to try, these are the products I used in this space…

With everything going on and during the stress of all the home improvement projects, it’s been great walking down memory lane with these truly special projects. I absolutely treasure this time in my life and business – so many special things were happening, new projects and new friendships developing. Makes my heart happy reliving this time.

Hope you guys are enjoying these as well!

The kitchen counters are in…although I don’t have a sink, looks like we are heading out for pizza with friends tonight. And the baseboards and wall niks were patched / painted today. Lots of little and big things going on. Trying to hold it together. Will update you guys over the weekend with another home sale post. Hope you have something great planned for the weekend! I need a vacation!

Back soon with more guys!



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  1. This is wonderful! I thought, “You had me at Craft!”

    I have to be able to SEE my ribbon & Washi tape so I bought Picture Ledges at Ikea. It really works well for me & those items get used more.

    Your clients are lucky to be able to use your skills!

  2. gee dodds says:

    So inspiring – as is all your work! ????

  3. kathie says:

    omg that closet is awesome! Do you know what shelving system she used inside the closet? I started following you right when you moved into your current house. Your talent for visualizing and transforming spaces is amazing!

    • Samantha says:

      I know – I love everything about her house and closets. Such a beautiful home!! Since this was a brand new build, the contractor built that closet system. It’s literally just wood shelving…nothing fancy. All caulked and painted of course but very simple.


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