How I’m Making The Most of My “At-Home” Time

Apr 7

This introvert is absolutely thriving during this at-home time. And I’ll keep showing up encouraging you to do the same, whether you’re an introvert or extrovert. We are going to survive and make it through this pandemic – together. So while ‘”safe-at-home” and faced with many events and celebrations being canceled or postponed, I’d here to remind you not everything has is canceled. Like our privilege to make choices, work on goals, do at-home workouts, meditate, declutter, and more.

We can breathe. We can connect with family and friends over technology.

And we can work on ourselves. Whether personally or professionally. There’s no shortage of online courses, digital products, books, webinars – many for free – that we can throw ourselves into to emerge better and stronger on the other side of this.

I’m not saying this to be insensitive to anyone touched by this virus – a few people in our community have had it or have it now. One family I know very well! But we are going to be on the other side of it one day. Maybe not soon, but I can guarantee you we will. Do NOT waste this gift of time. No matter what areas you need to focus on. Whether it’s home topics or making the decision to change jobs, start a blog or a small business. Even if it’s reconnecting with friends and family, mending fences with someone you lost touch with, doing something good for the world or community.

Whatever you do – keep in mind you will regret being on the other side of this incredibly unique time in which we HAVE TO stay home – are being asked by our government and healthcare workers / first responders to stay home – and realize you didn’t make the most of it.

I’m not going to waste one single second. Even if it’s just watching classic movies with the kids every night because I don’t have a specific wake up time each day. Who cares about “bedtime”??

I had so many topics and dreams hanging out there for a long time because I was busy doing the usual – client work or company deadlines, mom stuff, house stuff, life stuff, carpool and errands. There wasn’t enough free time to focus on projects that required my undivided, concentrated attention. I can’t begin to explain what a blessing this time is and will continue to be for me. I am seriously heads-down and making major strides on many fronts. What have I been up to?


The website is in need of an update. An update that showcases this is a business and I’m available for hire. While I love the site now and it’s served me well for the last few years, it’s falling short on that detail. Big time. It definitely looks and feels more like a blog than a business. And doesn’t feel organized – at least to me.

Not to say the blog won’t exist here after the new site launches…because it is very much still the heart of this business and I’ll be adding posts each week. BUT they will be much easier to navigate via categories!

Last year I found a new design and hired a great designer to customize it. That wasn’t the tough part. What I had yet to do was nail the copy. So in the first week under shelter orders, I interviewed 7 copywriters to help bring the branding to life…in beautiful words. I found one, hired her and dug in to the pre-work she set out for me. She’s off running now and look forward to having the copy ready to pop into place soon. Once the copy is on the site, it’s just a few more steps until the launch. Really excited to get the new site out there – you’re going to love it! So clean!


A few years ago I wrote a little e-book for those interested in becoming an organizer, but unsure how to get started. On a monthly basis I receive numerous inquires via the blog and social platforms from people asking for advice and guidance. My effort to help everyone, when I can’t possibly on an individual basis, was to write a book sharing my top tips. Well, that first run was written a long time ago and in need of a serious update.

I shared it back in December 2016 – you can see the launch post here

After finding the strength to open the pdf to read what was written all that time ago, it was more than evident how seriously overdue it was for an update. Daily (sometimes into the dark night hours) I have spent time updating the book with some of the same points but way more. And people can really sink into this one…it’s already around 20+ pages, full of great actionable tips.

I found a designer to help make the book beautiful too. Look forward to the release of this one coming soon!


In recent weeks you’ve seen me share unique decluttering ideas and projects we can work on during this time. I’ve shared my efforts here and on social. But am receiving a lot of feedback and questions for more. Specifically the “how to” behind bigger topics like cloud storage, photo organizing, and backing up your computer. In an effort to help really answer those questions and give everyone a boost, I’m hosting an organizing expert webinar series kicking off NEXT WEEK. I can’t believe I’ve been able to pull this together as quickly as I have, but it’s due to everyone being home / available along with me….and all the time on my hands.

I sent a note to my National NAPO community (NAPO is the professional organizer membership and community I’m a member of) and received a great response from all sorts of experts you will love hearing from. And you’ll be able to ask questions too.

We are not selling anything and the series is totally 100% FREE!

Really really excited about this series because it’s all about you! And getting those “how to” questions finally answered.

Look for more details and the schedule in the next couple days. I’ll be hosting the series on Crowdcast and it will run over the course of 2 weeks, 1 interview each day focusing on a different topic.

To give you a glimpse into the topic experts joining us, we are covering photo organizing, children’s artwork and keepsakes, email management, cloud services and back-up’s, how to work from home when you’re not accustomed to, closet decluttering, organizing family history, and more.

REALLY excited to have a licensed therapist and organizer who will speak twice – once about managing anxiety at home during this time…and another session we will cover the emotional attachment we feel to sentimental items and how we can work through letting go.

This is a series you won’t want to miss! Promise!


Before tackling the point to follow this one, I first had to finish a couple online courses. Not only finish them, but review and replay a few segments in order to fully digest. Not going to lie or hold back on this one because I know I’m not alone, but I swear…half the battle getting started on anything is my need to research every detail until my head is spinning. And to the point I don’t actually get started. I end up stuck. Anyone relate?

There is soooooo much involved with creating an online course or program. So much behind the scenes you’re not aware of until you start doing the research and getting educated. And no one just rolls out the roadmap for steps 1 through 1 million. No one tells you specifically what to do, how and when. They give you the info but expect you to run with it. How dare they?? Just kidding!

For example, deciding which webinar platform I wanted to try for the organizing expert series….I debilitated weeks over it. Only yesterday did I finally sign up for Crowdcast. It was down to a tie between 2 platforms and ultimately I chose Crowdcast because it has a couple cool features. One is the ability to submit your questions during the webinar but well in advance of it too. And people can vote for your question, which helps the host see what is most popular or an important point to cover. After answering the questions I can timestamp them too which means folks watching the replay can jump right to the meat of what they are interested in. Cool huh? It’s the same platform used by a business coach I admire.

The need to research a teaching, webinar / course platform was necessary anyway due to the next point I’m covering too.

But anyway, I found I can spend too much – wayyyyy too much – time going down rabbit holes and basically not get started. So I wrapped up the courses to the point of feeling I had my hands wrapped around it….and then….next point…


I started the framework for what will be a new digital offering – a course or program. Since in the beginning stages so I’m not sure what it will be and definitely don’t know what it will look like. But I can at least happily report it has an early framework and can begin digging into the content for each section. It’s going to take much longer than these shelter in place orders…but at least I will have a great running start on it when we are free to go back to work.


You’d think the organizer wouldn’t have much decluttering to do. Not so fast, friends! Remember, I’m busy getting everyone else organized. And I don’t live with professional organizers. (wouldn’t that be great though!) I’ve been working my way through big and small spaces, passing on items we don’t need, use or love. Clothing, cords, office supplies, garage items, furniture and home decor…it feels great!

Adding more efficiency and space, one room, drawer or cabinet at a time. And just something small every day. It’s amazing how little we actually need. When the stuff is gone or minimized, it lets the house itself shine.

The big project will be the garage. I’m at a standstill because donation centers are closed. The donations we’ve collected are in the garage taking up floor space. Including the items we’re selling like a huge dining table and chairs. I have “keep items” that need to be binned up for the attic, but coming by bins these days is tough. Everything is closed and I consider bins “non-essential”…can’t rationalize getting out of the house for those.

I’m making the most of it by working out a wall storage design so when the floor is cleared we can move ahead quickly.


I’ve already shared a small update made in the pantry. Loving these floating shelves…

They really round out the space, on what was previously an empty, unused wall.

The powder room will wrap up today but already such a huge improvement!…

Today we’re adding the mirror, wall lights, toilet paper and towel holders. We are grinding down the countertop to set the new sink bowl in place and adding the new faucet. Pretty much done after all that! No need to add storage since the existing vanity offers enough. Maybe later down the line a couple wall hangings. Not important now. Just wrapping up those final details so the essential pieces are functioning.

We’re continuing work on the garden and a couple outdoor projects. A real bummer – the spa has a leak. We figured out where from but unfortunately it means the tile needs to be ripped up for the repair and new tile will be set in…ugh. You know those fun expenses you can never anticipate. We remind ourselves at least it will be fixed and useable for the summer. Maybe fall at this point. ?? Of course, all depends on when the workers can work here safely. So, maybe in 2021!


Proud to share I haven’t missed a single day of spinning in over 3 weeks. Such a great feeling to challenge myself, sweat and scream / yell. It’s been fun to work against myself too – to try to beat personal best records. And I’ve connected with a few friends on Peloton so we can workout together, sorta fun!

Everyone needs the physical outlet…we’ve had a lot of rain and cold temps so having an indoor bike is a blessing. We’ve added a few additional pieces of equipment to the home gym which I’ll share soon. But if I can encourage you to do anything more than decluttering and pouring into yourself right now…definitely make the time each day for a physical outlet. You WILL feel better, more motivated and it will give you a huge boost of energy.

And even if you aren’t focusing on business, work or other topics, coming out of this healthier and in better shape is an awesome goal to aim for.

I’d love to know what you guys are up to…let us know!

Back soon with more guys!



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