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Apr 30

One of my favorite topics to chat about here on the blog is when I share easy, inexpensive, simple organization solutions with you. I’ve shared many products over the years here on the blog…products that have all been tried and tested by me and my clients. Recently I shared an easy solution used in my own home office…magazine files!…

I can’t express enough how much these magazine files have changed my office space. Everything that was once taking up priceless drawer space is now organized vertically in these little gems. Love. This.


This isn’t the first time I’ve used magazine files. Remember when I used them to create my “recipes to try” organizer?

The magazine files I used for that project were found in the Target $1 section. Love them, they are cute, lightweight and work great for containing kid-related papers and supplies too. Just like I did here in my free-standing homework station


And here in my homework station at a desk


Several years ago I shared these magazine files (from Pottery Barn) in my home office…the home office 2 homes ago!…

Those 3 contained incoming items, bills and reference stuff. Still own these to this day!

I love to surprise my clients with this simple solution too. They never expect to see something so smart and inexpensive. This version from The Container Store has an open front and comes in a pack of 2 for just a few dollars. I used them in her office closet to contain her husband’s cooking magazine collection and their various oversized office supplies…


Since I clearly have a passion for this product, I thought a quick video in my own home office would be helpful. So, here you go!…me in my home office sharing the contents of my magazine files and why you should consider them for your next organization project. The ideas are endless and I’d love to hear your ideas in the comment section!

If you’ve yet to visit my YouTube Channel you aren’t missing anything, you can find me right here! I hope to share a lot more videos in the coming months – I’ve been neglecting this little channel for far too long. Some of us learn better visually and I hope to help those of you that operate just that way.

Thank you for watching!…


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